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  1. Eco Responsibility
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Both the production of natural gas and crude oil and distribution of these mineral resources cause interference with the nature. At the same time, use of natural gas helps reduce air emissions in comparison with other fossil fuels.

All companies of the PGNiG Group seek to minimize the negative effects of their operations. They follow the applicable Polish and EU laws, as well as inhouse standards and instructions. Implementation and certification of environmental management systems at almost all companies of the Group contributed to obtaining notable environmental benefits. All our efforts are, in the first place, geared to limit the negative effects on the environment, and we continuously monitor our processes. These rules are followed by the Group companies not only in their operations in Poland, but also in the exploratory work abroad.

Environment-oriented activities accompany all operations of PGNiG - from hydrocarbon production to distribution and storage - in a manner ensuring energy security for Poland.

It is worth noting that both the intensity and nature of the oil and gas sector's environmental impact are quite diverse. Thus, consistent environmental policy, covering all of PGNiG's businesses, as well as use of state-of-the-art energy- and material-saving technologies, and strict observance of legal regulations are of the essence. By focusing our in-house policy on environmental issues, we have joined the group of companies complying with environmental standards.

Our efforts devoted to protection of the environment do not go unnoticed. This is evident in the awards and distinctions earned by the companies of the PGNiG Group in ecological contests. For example, the Zielona Góra Branch received the "Pantheon of Polish Ecology" award in 2002, the Sanok Branch was a winner of the "Environmentally Friendly" National Ecological Contest in 2005, and in 2006 it was named Environment-Friendly Company. The following are the current and future environmental targets for the PGNiG Group:

  • extensive reclamation and remediation of land and water in the areas damaged by oil and gas production by the PGNiG companies;
  • inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions for the purposes of the emissions trading scheme in place until 2012 with respect to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases regulated by the ratified Kyoto protocol;
  • monitoring the companies' environmental impact as well as reducing and eliminating that impact at all stages - from investment to dayto- day operations to removal of structures and installations;
  • protection of soil, landscape, monuments and biodiversity in the course of investment and production activities;
  • implementation of new technologies and solutions which reduce materials and energy consumption as well as limit emissions and waste production; »» implementation and maintenance of environmental management systems.